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Want to remove useless 0 digits from number

Problem: sometimes website is having a number with .0 or .00 but it is useless and waste of space.

Solution: use floatval Laravel or PHP based Language; use parseFloat() in Javascript, for example:

echo  floatval(10.50); // 10.5
echo  floatval(10); // 10
echo  floatval(10.00); // 10
echo  floatval(10.1); // 10.1

In javascript:

var a = parseFloat("10.50"); // 10.5
var b = parseFloat("10"); // 10
var c = parseFloat("10.00"); // 10
var d = parseFloat("10.1"); // 10.1

Protect .env file in Laravel project in the testing server

Problem: In the testing server, the .env file is viewable (e.g ip/laravel_project/.env), people can view all the sensitive data like DB username and password.


The original solution is worked. All you need to do is change the .env file permission to 640. Then generate the Application Encryption Key again:

php artisan key:generate
php artisan config:cache

Solution: Change .env file permission while not affecting Laravel running

sudo chmod 640 .env
php artisan key:generate
php artisan config:cache


Put the hosting directory into /var/www but not /var/www/html, so that user can not access through http://IP/project_name/public/ but to domain name. You can also Restrict directory access in Apache by allow some ip only in order to protect .env file and other sensitive information.